The End

February 9, 2020

Over 10 years ago, in an effort to be greener, I gave up my car to become the change I wanted to see in the world. I originally wrote this app to help make that transition more seamless.

Hitching rides from friends and family in your 30's is pretty humbling, but I want to give a special shoutout and thank each and every one of you who gave Sara and/or me a ride whenever you saw one of us sitting at a bus stop.

Through the years, thousands of you have used this website to help catch The Bus. I want to personally thank you all for your support and for utilizing public transportation. Not to mention, thanks to the Japanese tour groups who created instructionals on how to use the site. ありがとうございました!

After moves to NYC, SF, and now Tokyo, I don't have the free time I once had to maintain the app, and there are a number of better alternatives out there, including Hea, The Bus' own webapp. If you're interested in the open source software behind this site, the software lives here.

All good things must come to an end - Allb.us' story is pau for now.

A hui hou,

p.s. If you're interested in stories from your loved ones, make sure to sign up here to find out about my next project.

Allb.us ad
Never thought I'd see an ad in a city bus

These are the people I’d like to thank

There were so many people that helped along the way; I'm positive I missed a few. If I did, I'm very sorry, but thank you.